Prom Tuxedos

Get Your Prom On

Dunhill Deals

  • promAll-Inclusive Pricing with no hidden fees
  • Free color swatches available
  • Free Damage Waiver Fee
  • Largest selection on display
  • Bring a color swatch to match your date
  • No late fitting charges
  • No rush orders charges
  • Skinny pants and fitted shirts available
  • Slim fit tuxedos available
  • $25 down payment required
  • Tuxedos range from $49.95-$159.95

Maybe best of all-closed Sunday so sleep in and return your tux on Monday

Free Tuxedo t-shirt with prom discount card from school prom reps

Didn’t get a prom discount card at school ?

Earn a FREE tux rental and cash as well !

Here’s how it works:

  • $10 off your prom tux for each of the first 7 referrals
  • Free tux rental with 8 referrals
  • $5 cash for every referral over 8
  • Your check will be with your prom rental at pickup
  • Free prom tshirt while they last
  • Hand out FREE Tuxedo tshirt or fancy socks
  • Stop in any Dunhill store to sign up